Dr. Plahotnaya Tatyana

Specialization: Cardiologist, Functional diagnostics
Work experience: 19 years
Doctor category: Higher

Family doctor, functional diagnostics doctor, cardiologist, doctor of the highest category.
Graduated from the National Medical University. O.O. Bogomolets in 2003.
Practicing cardiologist, long work experience, as well as work in the position of acting. Head of the cardio-rheumatological dispensary of the Alexander Hospital.
Regularly takes part in Ukrainian and international conferences, conducts seminars.

Specializes in the treatment of:

– hypertension
– coronary heart disease,
– metabolic cardiomyopathies,
– arrhythmias,
– atrioventricular blockades,
– angina,
– myocardial infarction.

Advises on congenital and acquired heart defects.
Deals with rheumatism.
Performs ECHO — cardiography, electrocardiography (ECG), bicycle ergometry, treadmill test, Holter monitoring.