UBL Clinic з гуманітарною допомогою в селі Мощун

Visiting Moschun village with humanitarian aid…

UBL Clinic в селі Мощун з гуманітарною допомогою

Friends, on May 19, with a humanitarian mission, we visited the village of Moschun (Kiev region). There are still many elderly people who need help and support. Many houses were destroyed to the ground; the local church is heavily damaged. Only the walls and part of the roof remained of the building of the village council.

A year ago, we went on a picnic along this road to Gorenka Lake, admiring the panorama of beautiful private houses, blooming gardens and fields, and now we are surrounded by ruins, someone’s broken plans and dreams. Instead of getting out of the car and collecting a bouquet of lilies of the valley on the roadside, we pass without stopping, fearing mines! On our native land…

We have no option but to win this war and save our children from the fear of uncertainty about the future! Only by staying together we can win this war! Glory to Ukraine!

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