Creation of the public organization “Ukrainians for Better Life.”

ГО Українці за краще життя

Since the beginning of the russian military aggression, the employees of UBL Clinic have been providing medical, psychological, and humanitarian assistance to affected citizens, primarily women and children. Free online consultations on women’s health were conducted, active cooperation with volunteers from Ukraine began, assistance in finding medications for pregnant women, and collaboration with other partner clinics and medical institutions for free urgent prenatal examinations across Ukraine.

Additionally, a reception and humanitarian aid center was established within the clinic premises. A big thank you to everyone who responded and joined this cause!

Despite dedicated work, it is extremely challenging to assist everyone in need. There is a shortage of staff, operating funds, and the capacity to reach such a large number of affected individuals.

Therefore, we have decided to create the public organization “Ukrainians for Better Life” with the aim of expanding opportunities for providing medical, psychological, and humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons and vulnerable populations.

Only by coming together can we create a force capable of changing the lives of Ukrainians for the better!

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